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Local Veterans Organization Bans NFL Games From Their TVs Video included


Football Sundays are about to look a little different in Chester, West Virginia. American Legion Post 121 has voted to ban all NFL games from being played on their TVs.

Dennis Kucinich Discusses Issue 2 Stance


Voting on Issue 2 or the Ohio Drug Relief Pricing Act is set to take place in about a month.

After Tragedy, Residents Weigh In On Attending Big Events


As the nation continues to watch the tragedy that unfolded last night, the question is now: will this keep people from attending big, public events in the future?

Adults Aren't The Only Ones Affected By Las Vegas Mass Shooting


How do you talk to kids about the tragedy in Las Vegas?

Ohio Valley Residents React To NFL Protests


For the second day in a row,  the words disrespect and un-American are making their way into Facebook posts, on news broadcasts  and on the web.
But today people are starting to dissect what took place during the NFL football games and are looking to see if this is the end or just the beginning of a long struggle .

OSHP Patrols School Zones: Finds Some Drivers Aren't Behaving Well


In just three days, OSHP handed out 14 tickets in school zones.

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