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Obamacare may have helped more Americans quit smoking

States that expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act saw a greater increase in low-income adults who quit smoking than did states that did not expand Medicaid, a new study found.

CDC wants America to eat its fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetables can be delicious and nutritious -- but too many Americans are still passing them by, a new report finds.

Calm parents help calm kids with ADHD

As challenging as it can be to raise a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), new research offers biological evidence that calm, positive parenting may help these kids master their own emotions and behaviors

'Boomers' doing better at avoiding eye disease of aging

Macular degeneration is a major cause of vision loss in older Americans. But new research shows that baby boomers are somehow avoiding the illness at higher rates than their parents did.

U.S. seniors struggle more to pay for health care compared to other countries

It's often no fun getting old in America: A new report finds the availability of health care for U.S. seniors lags behind that of other affluent nations.

Cardiac arrest rare in young athletes but tough to predict

Young athletes have a very low risk of suffering a fatal cardiac arrest -- and most of those tragic cases probably cannot be predicted, new research suggests.

Is meth use destroying vets' hearts?

Methamphetamine appears to be damaging the hearts of U.S. military veterans at an increasing rate, researchers report.

Can treating gum disease keep blood pressure in line?

Aggressively treating gum disease may help lower blood pressure in people at high risk for high blood pressure, according to new research.

Uninsured heart patients often face daunting bills

A life-threatening heart emergency can spell financial doom for people who don't have health insurance, a pair of new studies shows.

Definition of high blood pressure drops

Nearly half of all adult Americans will be considered to have high blood pressure under new guidelines issued Monday by the nation's top heart health organizations.

Healthier diet, less salt: the recipe to beat high blood pressure

Cutting back on salt, along with following the highly recommended "DASH" diet, can beat back high blood pressure in adults, new research shows.

Binge-watchers, beware: long tv time poses clot risk

If you love to while away a weekend watching a season's worth of episodes from a favorite TV series, you may inadvertently put yourself at risk for developing a dangerous blood clot.

Menus with calorie counts seem to be paying off

Requiring calorie counts on menus may pay off in the war on obesity.

Switching to whole grain foods could trim your waistline

Put down that forkful of perfectly twirled white spaghetti, and grab a plate of whole grain pasta instead.

Does your pet have a weight problem? Here's how to tell

Cats with diabetes, dogs with cancer, birds with high cholesterol or even rabbits who cannot turn around to clean themselves -- what do these animals all have in common?

Smog may harm your bones, too

Exposure to air pollution can increase the risk for osteoporosis and broken bones in older adults, a new U.S. study suggests.

Risk of breast cancer's return can linger for decades

Women treated for early stage breast cancer still face a substantial risk of recurrence up to 20 years later, a large, new study shows.

A dangerous new twist on cyberbullying

As if the idea of teen cyberbullying isn't harrowing enough, a new study warns of a strange twist in which kids anonymously post hurtful messages -- to themselves.

Even light drinking may raise your cancer risk

Maybe you should skip that glass of wine tonight, because even light drinking increases your risk of cancer, warns a new statement from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).

Yoga may give lung cancer patients, caregivers a boost

For advanced lung cancer patients, yoga appears to help improve their overall physical function, stamina and mental health.

Older women can 'walk away from the grim reaper'

Ladies, slip on your sneakers and walk briskly every day, and you might prolong your life.

Abusing pot, booze lowers teens' chances for success in life

The American dream of success is a lot harder to attain for teenagers who use pot and alcohol, especially if they become substance abusers, a new study reports.

Cord blood therapy for cerebral palsy shows promise

For a child with spastic cerebral palsy, simply grasping a toy may be impossible. But infusions of their own umbilical cord blood might make basic movements like this easier, researchers say.

About half of Americans get health care in ER

When Americans need medical care, almost one in two people choose the emergency room, a new study reveals.

What exercise regimen is best for healthy weight loss in seniors?

Seniors who want to lose weight should hit the weight room while they cut calories, a new study suggests.

Are artery-opening stents for chest pain a waste of time?

With findings that some experts believe could change cardiovascular care, a new study suggests that the placebo effect of stents in heart patients with chest pain may be far more pronounced than thought.

Gene therapy, new drug battle a rare but deadly disease in kids

Babies born with a previously untreatable degenerative nerve disease now have two fresh sources of hope for their future.

'Drug courts,' treatment focus of new White House opioid strategy

Steering opioid addicts toward treatment programs instead of prisons, while tightening federal policies on opioid prescribing, could curb the opioid epidemic, President Donald Trump's opioid crisis commission said Wednesday.

Alcoholic parent may sow seeds for teen dating violence

Having an alcoholic parent may increase the risk that a teen will commit dating violence, researchers say.

Are some heartburn meds tied to stomach cancer?

Popping certain heartburn drugs like they're candy might up your odds for stomach cancer, new research suggests.

Kids' high blood pressure often overlooked

One in every 30 children in the United States has high blood pressure. Now, new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics may help doctors screen children 3 years and older for the condition.

Belly fat widens odds of emergency surgery troubles

Excess belly fat dramatically increases the risk of complications and death after emergency surgery, a new study finds.

Gene therapy may fight brain cancer's return

A new form of gene therapy shows promise in battling recurrent brain cancer.

Botox may offer new hope for young migraine sufferers

Botox injections may help bring relief to children suffering from migraines, a small study suggests.

Is successful heart surgery all in the timing?

Planning to have open heart surgery anytime soon? You might want to ask your cardiologist to book an afternoon slot in the OR.

Trump declares opioid epidemic a public health emergency

In his first major speech Thursday on the opioid epidemic in the United States, President Donald Trump declared the crisis a public health emergency.

A boy, two magnets -- and a trip to the ER

Proving yet again that kids will try almost anything when you're not watching, one European 11-year-old wedged two small magnetized disks up his nostrils -- causing serious medical issues, his doctors report.

Are HIV and AIDS poised for a comeback?

The advent of powerful drugs in the mid-1990s brought remarkable gains in survival for HIV patients who had access to the medications.

Trauma takes a toll on half of U.S. kids

Nearly half of American children have faced at least one traumatic experience, such as the death of a parent, witnessing a violent crime or living with someone who is suicidal or abuses drugs or alcohol, new research reveals.

What you may not know about ovarian cancer

In a report that will likely surprise many women, researchers say most cases of ovarian cancer originate in the fallopian tubes, not the ovaries.

Medical marijuana won't help most sick kids

Medical marijuana appears to hold only limited promise for sick children and teenagers, a new review suggests.

High-nicotine e-cigs may be gateway to smoking for teens

Teens who vape e-cigarettes with higher nicotine levels are more likely to start smoking conventional cigarettes soon after, new research shows.

Can aspirin stop liver cancer in Hepatitis B patients?

Daily aspirin may reduce the risk of liver cancer for people with hepatitis B infection, a new study suggests.

Drug OD rate now higher in rural U.S. than cities: CDC

Drug overdose death rates in rural areas of the United States are now higher than in cities, a trend that worries federal health officials.

Is a dangerous bird flu on the horizon?

Scientists have found new evidence that the H7N9 bird flu, currently confined to China, has the potential for a widespread outbreak.

State laws help reduce concussions in youth sports

State laws aimed at curbing an alarming rise in concussions among student athletes appear to be working.

Avoiding alcohol helps the heart beat better

The longer you refrain from drinking, the lower your risk of a common heart rhythm disorder.

HPV vaccine safe for adult women: study

Vaccines that ward off the cancer-linked human papillomavirus (HPV) are safe for adult women, according to a study of more than 3 million Scandinavians.

Could 'AI' become a partner in breast cancer care?

Machines armed with artificial intelligence may one day help doctors better identify high-risk breast lesions that might turn into cancer, new research suggests.

Who's most at risk of head injury in youth football?

Young football players are more likely to experience a brain-jarring hit to the head if they're part of a team's running and passing game or a fast-moving defender, a small study found.

With skin cancer surgery, insurance matters

Surgery is the main treatment for melanoma -- a dangerous form of skin cancer -- but a patient's insurance could affect whether or not that cancer is quickly removed, new research suggests.

Breast cancer more lethal for blacks than whites

Differences in insurance are a major reason why black women are more likely to die of breast cancer than white women in the United States, a new study contends.

Good lifestyle choices add years to your life

Change your lifestyle, change your life span.

Need cancer screening? Where you work matters

Waiters, contractors and other employees of America's small businesses are more likely to miss out on cancer screening, mostly because of a lack of insurance, new research shows.

Dance your way to a healthier aging brain

Dance classes may beat traditional exercise when it comes to improving older adults' balance -- and it might enhance brain areas related to memory and learning along the way.

Trump signs executive order that could undermine Obamacare

President Donald Trump on Thursday signed an executive order that allows small businesses to band together and buy health insurance that flouts Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations.

Breast cancer screenings still best for early detection

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among women in the United States, and routine screenings remain the most reliable way to detect the disease early, a breast cancer expert says.

More hardcore smokers trying to kick the habit

More "hardcore" smokers than ever are trying to extinguish their bad habit, new research suggests.

Pump may beat shots for type 1 diabetes

In young people with type 1 diabetes, insulin pump therapy may offer better blood sugar control and fewer complications than daily injections of the vital hormone, new German research suggests.

Childhood obesity up worldwide almost 10-fold over 4 decades

Childhood obesity has increased more than 10-fold worldwide since 1975, a new study reports.

Another downside to college boozing: poorer job prospects

Frequent college binge drinking markedly lowers the chances of landing a full-time job upon graduation, a new study suggests.

A man's health may rely on health of his marriage

As marriage ebbs and flows, so might the health of your heart, at least for men.

Flu shot key for people with diabetes

With predictions calling for a potentially bad flu season this year, doctors are urging people -- particularly those with diabetes -- to get vaccinated.

Prenatal multivitamins linked to lower autism risk

Taking a multivitamin during pregnancy may reduce a child's risk of developing autism, a new study suggests.

Does a drug's high price tag cause its own side effects?

Pricey drugs may make people more vulnerable to perceiving side effects, a new study suggests -- and the phenomenon is not just "in their heads."

Antibody injections in pregnancy might shield fetus from Zika

A new antibody "cocktail" promises to provide effective, if temporary, protection against the Zika virus, a new study reports.

How breast cancer gene mutations raise risk of tumors

Scientists say they've spotted how mutations in the BRCA1 gene can trigger breast cancer.

Measles making a comeback in the United States

Over the past 15 years, measles has gained a new foothold in the United States, likely due to parents choosing not to vaccinate their children, a new study suggests.

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