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Are Solar Flares Affecting the Ohio Valley?

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They're over 10,000 degrees Celsius, packed with radiation, and it's traveled the 93 million-mile trip to Earth in 8 minutes, but now scientists across the world are trying to better understand solar flares.

On Tuesday the first affects of these solar flares were felt and seen near the North Pole.

"They are quite a sight, but if not seriously studied they can be very troublesome, " said Challenger Learning Center Director Jackie Shia.

Shia works alongside high school and middle school students from all over the Ohio Valley.

One of the projects she works on closely is the "solar flare" monitoring, which as it's name suggests, keeps an eye out for any problematic or dangerous burst of radiation.

But even Shia admits these recent solar flares can cause problems right here in the Ohio Valley.

"If the burst is strong enough it can absolutely cause problems. GPS devices, radio and television signals, and other items that rely on satellites can experience disruptions in service, which in turn can make things difficult for all us, " Shia added.

Fortunately the Earth's atmosphere blocks most of the harmful radiation spewed from the sun, but there are several things you can do to prevent any unwanted affects.

Due to the increased radiation, you may be more likely to get a sunburn, so try if you're going to be in the sun try to remember adding a little extra sun block.

So far there have been no major problems or injuries reported as a result of the current solar flares.

Stay with for continuing developments.


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