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Food for Thought: DeFelice Brothers Pizza

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Head back in time, it's 1982 in a bad economy, and two brothers have just been laid off by the steel mills.

So, what to do?

Due to a little bit of experience in the pizza business and a rich background in Italian food, the DeFelice brothers, Dominic and T.J. decided to own a pizza shop.

From there, it was history, and now DeFelice has nine shops in the Ohio Valley, stretching from Hancock to Marshall Counties.

Their flagship store, Shadyside, still one of their best performers today, has been open since 1982.

DeFelice is known for their crust, which they bake twice, once with the sauce, once with the toppings.

The dough actually grows to fit the pan, and is stretched out with what they call a "dough sheeter," which flattens it.

The sauce at DeFelice is made from fresh packed tomatoes, and six hours from the time they are picked, the special recipe is already in the can.

They use 100% real dairy cheese and chop their vegetables fresh every day. Among the toppings? One of my favorites, green olives.

Besides traditional pepperoni, the "DeFelice Special" is the best selling item, with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers and onions.

The shop is the winner of a major award, too.

In 2005, the brothers won first place at the Columbus Pizza and Ice Cream Competition.

Along with 49 other winners from the United States, they boarded a plane, and headed to Italy.

Out of 50 participants, the DeFelice brothers were voted "Best Pizza in the U.S.A."

They say their secret to award winning pizza is "a lot of love," and promise you'll love their signature recipe and fresh ingredients.

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