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Thousands Work to Save Glen Dale Drive-In

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A historic drive-in theater that has served generations of families in the Ohio Valley is in danger of being closed for good and the community is speaking out.

Many call it a fun, inexpensive way to enjoy time with your friends and family, especially when there are not many other options in the immediate area.

"It is one of the few places left where you can bring the whole family and it's a reasonable price, you know, we can enjoy the evening together. They also have the flea market on Sunday and there's some people, they're dedicated, they're here at 4:30 in morning setting up. If there's a rain day, they show up anyway," said Robin Gump of McMechen.

Darryl Meyer of Moundsville calls the Glen Dale Drive-In part of his heritage. "I have been coming here since I was kid. My dad and mom brought me here when I was just walking. Just from the day I was crawling until now, I've been coming here."

Nick Ostrander agrees, he said he's been coming to the drive-in theater just off Route 2 since he was a kid, and he still goes as an adult.

Nick and Darryl are only two of the thousands of people working to save the Glen Dale Drive-In. The group is gaining tons of attention on Facebook, with new posts every hour.

Everyone has a favorite memory, Gump said she has been coming since she was five or six years old with her parents, and she wants to continue the tradition and be able to bring her grandchildren.

Her daughter, Kendra, said the first movie she ever came to see was at the drive-in with her grandmother and aunt, both who have passed away since. She said she holds on the memory dearly.

Members of the rapidly-growing group say the drive-in is one of the last around, and it's historical. Now, they're looking to the community for support.

"We really need to hang on to this. This is part of our history, it's part of our future, there are very few left in the United States, let alone West Virginia, and it has a lot of potential, and I think the community as a whole would come together and do their part to keep it," Gump said.

Beaver added, "We understand the positions and money is tough and just that a lot of people want to help her help the community, that somehow, there has to be a way for us to all come together and keep it open."

While the property has not officially been sold by its private owner, and there is no official word on what it could become, the community does not want to take any chances in losing their beloved landmark.

"If you're actually a part of this community, stand behind us. Keep this in our community. Make it part of our community," said Meyer.

Other community members who could not make the Friday morning interview sent in their comments to 7News as well.

Collette Nicholson said, "As a child, my grandmother and I used to go all the time in the summer. She passed away almost two years ago now, but I would love to be able to take my children as they get older to make those memories with them. It is such a part of my past that it would be a waste to close it now."

A Moundsville resident said, "I love the drive-in, especially the flea market in the summer. I will miss it terribly! Used to take my kids to the drive-in, pj's and pillows, and watch the movie. Hope they keep it."

For more information, you can check out the Facebook page by searching "The Glen Dale Drive-In." 7News and will continue to follow this developing story.

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