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"A Travesty Of Justice"--Ohio Valley Black Caucus Speaks Out On Recent Case

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Ohio Valley Black Caucus members are speaking out about a recent action by the Jefferson County prosecutor.

They say Prosecutor Jane Hanlin asked the court in West Virginia for leniency in the case of Steubenville native Branko Busick.

Yet they say she sends people to prison who have done much less.

Dolores Wiggins says Jane Hanlin's trip to Morgantown to plead for leniency for her son's childhood friend was simply unjust.

Branko Busick, facing two to ten years for several violent offenses, got off with only probation.

The Ohio Valley Black Caucus members say this flies in the face of Hanlin's usual hard stance against criminals.

"But here she testifies for a young man who committed felonies, and he's facing two to 10 years, going in front of a judge," Wiggins says. "She shows up as a character witness. This is out of place."

Caucus members say it's nothing against Busick or his family.

They say it's that a prosecutor should want equal justice for all.

"I like Branko, and I like Jane," said Jane Hyman, board member of the Caucus. "I like Branko for what he did for Steubenville High School. But Branko has to pay for his mistake just like anybody else. You can't just go around beating people and holding them up with guns and robbing them. You just can't. It's an injustice."

The group applied a philosophical and spiritual approach to the question.

"And as far as Branko being from a good family or being a good boy, everybody is born good," said Hyman. "But we make our own decisions. Look at Adam and Eve. They had the best life that was possible. But they made a mistake."

Dolores Wiggins says the fact that Busick was a childhood friend and teammate of Hanlin's son shouldn't be a factor.

"It doesn't matter if her son and the young man wrestled together," says Wiggins. "So what. We all have children. We all know kids who grew up with our kids. That doesn't matter. Who cares about that?"

Wiggins says this won't be the end of her inquiry.

She says she plans to pursue it further.

Calls to Jane Hanlin have not yet been returned.

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