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Owner Speaks Out After Her Dog is Beaten to Death

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It is any pet owner's nightmare and for Jill McPherson a nightmare became reality Sunday night.

McPherson's 8lb Shih Tzu, Toby, was allegedly beaten to death by her boyfriend Anthony James Doyle.

According to the police report a witness had reported she witnessed a man, later identified as Doyle, beating the dog in the face.

McPherson said she came home to find the Wheeling Police and The Ohio County Humane Officer waiting to get into her apartment.

She said they had followed a trail of blood up the steps to her house.

McPherson said neighbors reportedly heard commotion coming from her upstairs apartment for over an hour. Neighbors had been trying to contact her to make sure she was ok. McPherson was at work at the time.

She said when she got home she wasn't even thinking, she just kept looking for her dog. McPherson described the inside of her home as looking like a person had been murdered. She said blood covered the walls.

It was not only a traumatic experience for McPherson but the officers involved as they came upon the horrific scene.

McPherson said she doesn't know what's going to happen but she believes Doyle needs to receive the same treatment he gave to her dog.

McPherson described her emotions as "heartbroken, so heartbroken".

She said Doyle is sick and that's all she knows.

Anthony Doyle was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty.

He was arraigned Monday and had a $25,000 cash only bond set.

Doug McCroskey, Ohio County Humane Officer said they would be performing a necropsy which is the animal form of an autopsy.

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