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Food for Thought; The Cozy Corner Cafe

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It's a unique eatery tucked into a place you'd never expect. The Cozy Corner Cafe at the Peterson Rehabilitation Center has been making residents feel more at home for six months now, and they couldn't be happier about it.

"It's really wonderful, because we can get different things if we don't like what is on the trays," said Bruce LaRue, a resident and president of the council. "We can get whatever we need, they're very cooperative, if they don't have something, and they'll try to get it for you."

"Oh I'll tell you, one does get tired of hospital food," said resident Betty Zane Slife. "So with this beautiful café they have here, and Jason is our chef, the food is excellent and it gives us a chance to get things we can't get otherwise."

Featuring items like burgers, Philly cheesesteaks, Reubens and baked goods, the chef's at the Cozy Corner Cafe serve up made-to-order food with a smile.

"The café is cheerful, has good food, I love it," said resident George McManus.

Not only can residents eat at the counter, but they also do interactive activities with the personnel.

"Once a month, we do a Cooking with Chef Amanda activity, we've done cake pops, they've made their own candies, we've done cookie decorating," said Chef Amanda Brown. "It's nice to get them involved."

One of the biggest benefits? The socialization and making the facility feel more like home.

"Plus it's like a restaurant for them, so it's like a dining out experience," said Nurse Manager Barbara LaRue. "They can come out and get some other things to eat, and it makes it more like a home-like experience, which is what we are striving for."

Chef Jason Yost says he enjoys seeing the smiles on the residents' faces. He said he's had a few unique orders.

"Somebody, one of the residents ordered a four level sandwich, it was a club plus a fried egg sandwich, it was very detailed on the ticket," he said.

Whether they order soup or a homemade cupcake with plenty of icing, it's clear the Cozy Corner Cafe has had a very positive impact on residents.

The Cozy Corner Cafe is available to residents for free and also to staff and visitors for a nominal charge.


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