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Jefferson County Prosecutor Comments on Steubenville Sexual Assault Case

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Two high school students are in custody after allegedly being involved in the brutal rape of a young girl.

For more than a week, this case has been the topic of so much talk on the street.

People were citing graphic details that were disgusting, and for a while, nothing happened.

But now, there are arrests.  Steubenville Police and Jefferson County deputies went out after 1 a.m. and picked up two young men, both 16 years old, and both football players for Steubenville High School.  They now face very serious charges.  Click here for the original story this case.

"Among the charges will be both rape and kidnapping for each of the individuals who are currently in detention," said Jefferson County Prosecutor Jan Hanlin. "Kidnapping can be the removal of a person from one place and taking them to another place with some type of sexual motivation." asked if there may be other suspects to be arrested.  Hanlin indicated that is possible, saying the case is still under investigation.

Officials say if these two young men are convicted, they could spend a long time behind bars.

Click Here for the statement from Steubenville Superintendent Michael McVey on this story, and click here for the reaction from local citizens.

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