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Former Wheeling Policeman Acquitted on Count One of Sexual Abuse

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Ohio County Circuit Senior Judge Art Recht has granted an acquittal on count one of a sexual abuse charge against  former Wheeling Police officer Matthew Kotson.

There was a hung jury on count one  Sept. 19 in Ohio County.

The jury deliberated for a day and a half before they returned a not guilty verdict on count two and Judge Recht declared a hung jury on count one.

Kotson now faces another trial March 25 on counts six, seven and eight, which are two counts of sexual abuse in the first degree and one count of burglary.

Stay with for any further developments. UPDATE:

The jury has reached a verdict in Matthew Kotson's sexual abuse trial.

There is a hung jury on count one, which means there is a mistrial on that count. Kotson has been found not guilty on count two. Update

An Ohio County Circuit jury continues deliberating in the Matthew Kotson sexual abuse trial. Update

Judge Recht has sent the jury home for the night. They will resume deliberations at 9 a.m. Wednesday. Update

A jury is deliberating the fate of former Wheeling Police officer Matthew Kotson.

Closing arguments wrapped up Tuesday afternoon in Kotson's sexual abuse trial.

Kotson himself took the stand on Tuesday morning.

 He admitted on the stand that he showed up at the alleged victim's house for sex on November 24, 2011, but  said when she told him she didn't have time , he stopped .

The victim claims when she told Kotson to stop he sexually abused her.

Stay with for updates as Kotson's trial comes to an end. 

We will have the verdict for you on 7 News and Update

The trial resumed shortly after 1:15 p.m. Monday. The remainder of the recording of Trooper Dean and Kotson's interview was played for the court. 

A Charge Nurse at Wheeling Hospital was the next witness to be called. The witness testified that she had been on duty in the Emergency Room on November 25th, when the alleged victim came in around 2:50 a.m.

The witness testified that she had taken two photos of the alleged victim, and those photos were produced in the courtroom and entered into evidence. 

Medical records from the treatment of the victim on November 25th, 2011 were also entered into evidence. Update



Trooper Dean testified that he interviewed Kotson November 25th of last year, the day after the alleged incident.

Trooper Dean told the court that he had recorded the entire conversation between himself and Kotson. The recording was copied onto a compact disc, which was entered into evidence.

A transcript of the interview was given to the jury, and the recording was played inside the courtroom.

The trial took a break for lunch and will resume at 1:15 p.m. Update




Opening statements were heard and testimony is under way in Matthew Kotson's sexual abuse

trial in Ohio County Circuit Court .

He is the former Wheeling Police officer who is standing trial on two sexual abuse charges. The victim took the stand first in this case Monday morning.

She told the jury she made it clear she did not want to have sex with Kotson.

Also West Virginia State Troopers White and Dean took the stand.

Trooper White testified he was called to the victim's house when the alleged crime was first reported.

Trooper Dean testified that he interviewed Kotson November 25th of last year.

The jury is hearing details of that conversation. Update



Opening Statements will begin first thing Monday morning in the former Wheeling Police Officer's sexual abuse trial.

Kotson is facing  four sexual abuse charges and two counts of sexual assault.  He will have two separate trials on these charges.

A jury was seated after a day and a half. Eight women and four men will hear the case starting at 8:30 a.m. Monday. will be sure to keep you updated.



A jury has been seated for the trial of former Wheeling Police officer Matthew Kotson.

The jury is made up of eight women, and four men.

Ohio County Senior Judge Art Recht will have opening statements presented Monday at 8:30 a.m.

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It took all of Thursday and half of Friday before a jury could be seated.

The trial was supposed to get under way last week but a jury was unable to be seated on the first


Kotson is facing four charges of sexual abuse and two counts of sexual assault.

Special Prosecutor David F. Cross will be handling the case as will Defense Attorney Robert McCoid.

7 News and will have the latest developments on this case Monday.





Jury selection began Thursday morning in the case of former Wheeling Police Officer Matthew Kotson.

The selection began at 8:30 a.m., and was still going on more than two hours later.

The case is being heard by Judge Art Recht, who is now retired, but will still hear Kotson's case.

Kotson is facing four counts of Sexual Abuse in the First Degree, two counts of Sexual Assault in the Second Degree, and one count of Burglary.

Wednesday, we told you that in an unrelated case, Kotson is now appealing the civil service commission's termination of his job from the department. That case is being heard by Judge James Mazzone and no decision has been made at this time. For more on that story, click here.



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