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Wheeling Park High School Students Observe National Bullying Prevention Month

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October is National Bullying Prevention month, and local high school students are getting involved.  

Wheeling Park High School students have just created an anti-bullying advocacy group called "Friends of Rachael". The group meets during activity period and aims to spread a message of kindness.

WTRF.com spoke to guidance counselor Jennifer Kucera-Short about the challenges of dealing with bullying that happens outside of school. She says cyber bullying on facebook and social media is hard to deal with when it transfers into the school setting. 

The Wheeling Park team of counselors is doing all they can to prevent bullying and raise awareness. Short says her office can't help unless they're made aware of the situation.

"We have to know that the bullying has occurred," she says. "A lot of times students who have been bullied don't want to come forward. They think that is going to make the situation worse. So I would encourage students who are witnessing bullying not to be the silent majority."

Short says there's a list of a warning signs associated with bullying for parents to watch for. A student's grades may drop, they may become less interested in extra-curricular activities, and their sleeping habits may change. 


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