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UPDATE: Ohio Democrats to Release Details of Alleged Illegal Romney Campaign Contributions

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Murray Energy released a response Monday regarding the party's claim that the company allegedly provided illegal campaign contribution to the Romney campaign.

The statement reads:


Murray Energy Corporation ("Murray Energy") has become aware that the Ohio
Democratic Party has sent a letter requesting an investigation of Murray Energy's political
fundraising activities. The allegations by the Ohio Democratic Party are simply an attempt to
silence Murray Energy and its owners from supporting their coal mining employees and families
by speaking out against President Barack Obama's well known and documented War on Coal
and to get him re-elected, along with his supporters.

At this time, we have not had an opportunity to fully review the letter, although the basis
for the request is entirely an inaccurate article attacking Murray Energy's Political Action
Committee ("Murray Energy PAC") and Mr. Robert E. Murray's private fundraising efforts that
appeared in the biased and radically leftist The New Republic magazine on October 4. Murray
Energy has previously characterized The New Republic article as incorrect and untruthful. Thus,
the allegations cited as support for the Democratic Party's request for an investigation are
unfounded and baseless.

Nevertheless, Murray Energy takes the request by the Ohio Democratic Party and the
allegations contained in the letter very seriously and we will aggressively defend against their
concocted allegations. But, neither Murray Energy nor its owners will be silenced by President
Obama or the Ohio Democratic Party and other demonstrated enemies of the coal industry and
its employees and families.

It is unfortunate that there are political entities in America, such as The New Republic
and the Ohio Democratic Party, that will go to no limits to destroy innocent people to get their
candidates elected.



A political group in Ohio is expected to shed some light on the alleged illegal campaign contributions that many say Murray Energy made to the Romney campaign.

Ohio Democrats will hold a press conference at 11 a.m. Monday to announce their findings of a report that suggests coercion may be the reason some Murray Energy employees made contributions to the Romney campaign.

Mitt Romney held a rally at Murray Energy's Century Mine back in August. Miners were allegedly told to attend the rally without being paid. Murray Energy denies this claim.

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