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Overnight crime wave prompts Shadyside Police to issue warning to citizens

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An overnight crime wave has prompted Shadyside Police to issue strong warnings to the citizens.

They say thieves entered at least 25 parked cars, but the owners unfortunately made it easy for them by leaving their cars unlocked. 

Police say the thieves tried door handles, and whenever they found one unlocked, they stole things out of the vehicle.

It ranged from small change to expensive jewelry. Police say several wallets were stolen, with cash and credit cards inside.

They were found, tossed aside down the street, with credit cards.

7News asked people in Shadyside if they lock their cars.

"I do," said Shadyside resident Diana Fielding. "I lock my car every time I stop it and get out of it." 

"Yes I do because I hear cars are being broken into," said resident Jessi Baker. "I just heard on Facebook today actually that my friend's car was broken into with her mother's so you just can't trust people these days." 

"I always lock my car because frankly I just don't trust people," said Sherry Klug. 

"I don't lock it. I live on a dead end road," said Jim Riley. "I have a dog that's very protective of the property of the property. I've never, all my life, locked by car. Not once. Sometimes I even leave the keys in it."

Yes I keep my car and my truck locked at all times wherever I go, at home I keep all my buildings and my house and everything locked at all this even if we're there, you know," said Joey Peter. 

Police urge people to lock their vehicles, their homes, and their garages. They say several of the wallets that were stolen from the cars have already been found, tossed aside, not far from where they were stolen.

They urge people not to leave any valuables in their vehicles.

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