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Ohioans Each Feel Differently About Being A Pivotal Election State

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Ohio has chosen the winning candidate in the last 12 presidential elections.

The Buckeye State is so pivotal that both candidates are doing their last-minute campaigning in Ohio.

But not all voters enjoy this powerful status.

"I don't like to see all the negative ads," says one Belmont County man who declined to be identified. "I don't like how they try to divide people. I don't like all the hostilities."

This is the second election that Benjamin Rose of Bethesda has voted in.

"The first time I voted, I was serving in Iraq," said Rose. "It was a little weird. Now I'm back home, voting is a lot more comfortable."

Others say it's a privilege to live and vote in a state where literally every vote counts.

"It's very intriguing, with it all boiling down to this state," says Don Zalenski of St. Clairsville.

"Honestly, a lot of people think that we are going to vote for Romney because of coal and this 'war on coal' that everybody's talking about," says Amanda Lancione of Barnesville. "But you have to think about the different parts of Ohio. And I think people are going to be a bit surprised by that."

One voter wonders if the candidates' desire to serve the nation will last--win or lose.

"If Mr. Obama wins, will Mitt Romney help him out as a good citizen for our country," asks Mary Lou Pruneski.


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