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Steubenville Police Department Gets New Cruisers

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Steubenville residents will soon see a new police cruiser out on the road in the next couple of weeks.

Chief Bill McCafferty said the reason for the new cruisers is because they haven't had new cruisers for several years plus the maintenance for the old cars was getting to be too much due to a lot of hours spent on the road.

Unfortunately, the new cruisers will not be on the road for another few weeks. They are currently waiting for equipment to arrive to be installed.

These new cruisers will also keep more money in their pocket.

"Well it cut down our vehicle maintenance costs a lot. With three of them, I will be able to get them into the fleet so hopefully that will reduce our maintenance costs," says Chief McCafferty.

These cruisers will be a huge help when snow begins to fall thanks to their all wheel drive.

Residents will see a different color scheme this time. The cruisers will be all black with white accents rather than white.



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