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There's About To Be A "New Sheriff In Town" In Belmont County

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Dave Lucas will become Belmont County's top cop in January.

Lucas is no stranger to the department, and already has some ideas he wants to implement.

When he takes office , he says the process will be orderly and respectful to the outgoing sheriff, Fred Thompson.

"It will be a professional transition," said Lucas. "We will work together."

It will be a homecoming for Lucas, who served as a deputy under sheriffs Thompson, McCort and Stobbs.

Lucas created the department's Special Operations Branch, a SWAT team that still activates during difficult and dangerous cases.

The 53-year-old Lucas is a husband, father and grandfather.

And he says the drug problem in Belmont County needs to be tackled.

"Along with drugs comes thefts and home invasions," says Lucas. "Thefts of prescription drugs are a big issue. We're going to get proactive. We're going to have monthly intelligence meetings. We're going to be working with all the local law enforcement agencies. We're going to be sharing information and we're going to be attacking the problem."

Lucas says he is interested in solving long-time cold cases, in which the victims' families never  got closure.

He says he is 100% behind the Ohio Valley Cold Case Task Force, and says he has already spoken with the coordinator.

"And being around here for 27 years, I actually know some of those cases," says Lucas. "So yes, we're going to look at them, we're going to work at them hard, and not going to stop until we get someplace with them."

Finally, Lucas thanked his opponent in the election, Dick Flanagan, for "running a good clean race."


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