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No Candy Will Be Thrown At Wheeling Christmas Parade

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When you come to the Wheeling Christmas Parade Friday night, you'll have to leave your sweet tooth at home.

No one will be allowed to throw candy to people along the parade route.

Wheeling Police want parade participants to be clear on that, and on several other rules, to make their evening a safe one.

Throwing candy from floats and parade units will be strictly prohibited.

Wheeling Police Deputy Chief Martin Kimball says there's a reason for that.

"I can't tell you how many times we've had incidents when little children, in an effort to grab one cent worth of candy, jeopardize their lives and have to be pulled out right before a float would run them over," said Kimball.

Kimball says this rule will be enforced.

If a single Tootsie Roll is tossed, the offending parade unit will be escorted out in mid-parade, perhaps never to be invited back.

And there are other recommendations from the police.

Be aware that Main, Market, 12th and 14th streets will be closed for the entire parade.

Kimball says inevitably, travelers hit town just as the parade starts, and find they can't get into the Friendly City.

"Main and Market will be closed," says Kimball. "You're going to instead need to get off at 26th Street and come in from the south."

He says Center Market will be the line-up and staging area for all floats, horses, scouts, dancers and bands--anyone who's in the parade.

And he says getting there early is imperative.

"There will be a mass influx of participants in the parade who need to park and drop kids off who might be part of a dance group or a band," said Kimball. "And it always gets very chaotic because people come late and little Timmy needs to get to the band and he needs to get there now but the spot he needs to get to is two blocks away."

And if you are not in the parade, you are not to be in the Centre Market area, because after 5 p.m. it belongs to the parade units.

Kimball says getting to your spot early is a good idea for parade watchers as well.

He says parking and even curb and sidewalk space for standing will be at a premium.

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