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United Steelworkers Union Upset About Recent News

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Local steel workers feel like salt is being rubbed in their wounds after a judge approves RG Steel's retention plan.

"[This is] typical of what big business can get away with. They can go ahead and not give to the labor force and the workforce but they can turn around and give themselves ask for bonuses get them approved ask for more money get them approved we have people that we've asked money for we had a negotiated benefit obviously it didn't come through for us," says Ernie Gambellin, Local 1190 President.

A Delaware Bankruptcy Judge approved RG Steels request to pay over $700 thousand under a retention program to keep about 20 key employees on the job until the end of the year as the company continues to liquidate its assets.

The United Steelworkers Union and RG Steel negotiated a modified labor agreement that would give members benefits until the end of August.

According to Gambellin, once claims started coming in for medical benefits, there was no money to be paid.

Steelworkers come in everyday to Gambellin's office with bills that they're unable to pay, under the impression that they had insurance.

"With our employees, I just can't fathom the thought that you tell someone they have insurance then when the bills come you don't have money for them, yet you tun around and ask for money for these situations its just another example of poor business on RG's part," says Gambellin.

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