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Mingo Junction Fires Village Administrator

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There's a bit of turmoil in one Ohio Valley community that has struggled financially and now has  gotten rid of one of its leaders.

The Mingo Junction Council voted to terminate the contract of Village Administrator Charley Bowman.

Bowman was hired only seven months ago, but council members claim he was unwilling to work with them. Bowman had been working with Village Clerk John Angelica to plan a budget. And now, Council will have to step in and crunch some numbers.

"I'm sorry to say that Charley Bowman was released. I as the mayor and the council will make our adjustments and decisions on what's best for the residents. We'll put that behind us and we'll move forward and continue to do what's best for residents and hopefully bring some business and revitalization to this village," says Mayor Ron DiCarlo.

Mayor DiCarlo didn't get to vote on terminating Bowman but says he doesn't think it was a good idea especially during this tough financial time. 

According to DiCarlo, Bowman had an aggressive style that people weren't used to. DiCarlo has some people in mind to possibly take the leadership job.

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