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Local 1223 Steelworker Union Members Find Out Esmark's Proposed Agreement

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Hundreds of Local 1223 Steelworker Union Members gathered in Yorkville Tuesday to find out more about Esmark proposed agreement.

The President of Union Local 1223 said this will be a life changing decision for Steelworkers. When some of the members got details about the tentative pact they said they were less than happy with the agreement. However, some people remained optimistic.

"It'll get us all back to work and as the economy is in the valley, you know, so anything to get us back to work is a good thing," says Mike Bianconi of Bridgeport.

Conners told members their potential vacation time, insurance, health benefits and more get that they would get if they vote yes on this agreement.

Conners didn't pull any punches and said this isn't close to their old contract and if they can't move forward then the plant won't start up next year. And he said if they don't start up the plant next year, forget about 2014 as well.

For now, he is leaving the fate of the plant in the hands of his members.

"I'd rather not express my opinion. It's up to the members to decide, hopefully things will move forward but right now its in their hands," says Conners.

Members will be voting on this contract Thursday from 7 am until 5 am at Local 1223 in Yorkville.

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