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'Robo-Cams' a Possibility at Martins Ferry Intersection

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Martins Ferry's mayor thinks automated traffic cameras will work to solve a continual problem at a major intersection. 

"We've done everything we possibly can that we can think of at that intersection,' said Mayor Paul Riethmuller. "We spend a lot of time with police protection down there running radar, running laser, to try to slow the traffic pattern down. Doesn't seem to be working." 

At a regular meeting of city council, the mayor and the city public safety director told council of preliminary talks with a vendor to place so called "robo-cams" in place at Ohio State Route 7 and Hanover Street in Martins Ferry. The cameras would have both still and video capabilities. They would monitor both red light running as well as speeding.  

One member of City Council thinks the time has come for the "robo-cams."

"Shame on people, that's my feeling about it," said Martins Ferry second ward councilman Bruce Shrodes. "We have tried every imaginable thing over the last 50 years, 55 years to stop the accidents, and create a safe environment at that intersection." 

While Shrodes told City Council he had several sample automatic traffic camera ordinances approved by the city solicitor and ready to go, the mayor believes hearing from the public needs to happen first. 

"We want to take it one step at a time.  It has to go, the law director wants to make sure everything is in perfect form.  And I did ask them tonight to make sure they please read this three times," Riethmuller said. "That gives the people in the community the chance to come to council meetings, voice their opinions, whether it's for it or against it."


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