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Unnoticed dog serving in K9 For Warriors

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Brooke County -

This is the story of Roscoe, who is handsome, calm and intelligent, but he didn't have a home. The 63-pound black lab/Newfoundland mix is 18-months-old. Yet he sat virtually unnoticed at the Brooke County Shelter for 10 months. 

Shelter professionals call it Black Dog Syndrome. 

"Yes, it's a wide perception that black dogs are mean," said Volunteer Rescue Coordinator Lori Baltich. "And that's in shelters across the country. As you can see, they actually are not." 

"They don't get adopted. Most times they simply don't. If you go through the shelters, the black dogs, especially black labs, just stay there, until generally they're euthanized for space," said Transport Coordinator Pam Leitt. 

It wasn't looking good for Roscoe, but Lori Baltich saw something in him, and got an idea. She contacted K-9's For Warriors in Ponte Verde Beach, Fla. They train and place service dogs for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They usually adopt from Florida shelters, but this time they made an exception. 

"Initially they didn't have a spot and they called me a week later and said they had a warrior, which that's what they call the veterans--that was interested in him," Baltich said. "So not only will he be a therapy dog for that veteran, but the veteran also has a child with autism so he will be training for a dual purpose, which we're immensely proud of." 

Roscoe will be a dog with a job, a job he'll do his whole life. He will not only helping a veteran and his family, but being an Ambassador for black dogs, from Brooke County, West Virginia. 

"He's a wonderful representation of shelter dogs across America," said Baltich. "He's flawless."

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