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ODOT Prepares for More Snow

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With more snow on its way, ODOT's trucks and crews are ready for this weekend's snow fall.

"Crews will be out at midnight in anticipation of snow, putting material down as soon as it starts snowing to a brine down so we don't have a bond between the snow and the asphalt," says John Petrisko, Jefferson County Transportation Manager.

Aside from getting the plow trucks ready, crews will put brine down, making it easier for snow to clean up.

In regards to the snow fall earlier this week, Petrisko says that his crew did a great job cleaning up but when the snow falls at that rate, it was hard to keep up. But the good news is they will be ready for future snow storms.

"They'll be out there doing the best as they can. They can only drive so fast in that snow and treat it so they stay at it. They do an excellent job. We'll be prepared. We spent today getting plow blades changed, cleaning up the trucks, making sure everything is in working condition," says Petrisko. 

Crews didn't need to put down more brine because of the snow fall earlier this week.

Petrisko suggests that drivers don't drive at all, but if you have to drive on the roads, he suggests allowing more time and slowing down on your commute also do your best not to interfere with snow plows.

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