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Hundreds Turn Out for Occupy Steubenville in Support of Alleged Victim of Rape Case

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Supporters of the "hacktivist" group "Anonymous" gathered at the Jefferson County Courthouse at noon Saturday to rally in support of the alleged victim in the Steubenville rape case.

Demonstrators from across the Ohio Valley and the United States showed up to voice their opinions and support. It's a call to action and justice, and voices are being heard.

Charles Thornburg Jr. Is from Bellaire, Ohio, but is currently living in Arizona.  "Its up to the people to stand up and voice their opinion if they want the change," he said.

Amber, a concerned citizen, says she's at the protest to "give a voice to the voiceless, and let people know that we're not going to take this anymore."

This controversy was sparked online about a week ago, when the group Anonymous claims to have hacked, the Steubenville High School Football website, not affiliated with the school, threatening to release personal informational about the people allegedly involved if a public apology isn't issued by January 1st.

Supporters of Anonymous voiced a common theme Saturday afternoon, saying that justice needs to be served.

Adam Taylor is a Big Red Alumni. "We need to have all the guilty come forward," he says. "We need to get justice for this poor girl, we need to make sure that above all else, justice is served."

Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla responded to allegations of corruption in the city. "I'm proud of my community," he said. "Everyone has problems in all the communities, but there are people here from Steubenville supporting this group, so no, I'm proud of this county. They talk about being corrupt. I've heard all of that over and over and over again. No. I'm proud of this community and the people in it."

The alleged victim was on the minds of many. One protester said, "My heart goes out to her, nothing but love. I hope she knows that we're all here and we'll always be here for her."

Overall, a clear message was sent.

"The nation is watching you, Steubenville," says a member of Anonymous. "The world is watching you now. So do something cause we're going to keep watching you."

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