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Local Middle School Explores Internet Safety

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Ohio County -

Technology-savvy kids is a given, so technology-savvy parents is a must. Sgt. Don Miller, resource officer at Bridge Street Middle School, urges all parents to become knowledgeable and proficient. He says there are parental controls and apps that can actually help them monitor their kids more closely than ever.

Smart phones in school present all sorts of possibilities for mischief. Students could take a picture of a test. They could text each other the answers; take a picture of fellow students in the locker room or the shower. That's why Bridge Street requires all devices to be turned off and locked in the students' lockers throughout the school day.

The Resource Officer says kids need to realize that every picture, text or posting is always retrievable, that something deleted isn't ever truly gone.

"And they need to realize that anything they say or do, even among friends, can turn up out there, for all the world to see," said Resource Officer Sgt. Don Miller. "Understand that there is the capability for people to videotape you at any time."

Sgt. Miller says a smart phone is the hands of a kid should be a privilege, not a right, a privilege that a parent can take away if it's abused.

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