Ohio Attorney General Answers Questions Regarding Steubenville Rape Case


As the Steubenville teen rape case continues to make headlines locally and nationally, people are continuing to ask questions about the case and the ongoing investigation.

Right now, the case is in the hands of the Ohio Attorney General's office and has been since the start of the investigation.

"The attorney general's office was, in August, asked to assist the Steubenville Police Department, which is what we did. About the same time we were asked by the county prosecuting attorney in Jefferson County to come in and take the case over, so we've been on this case for some time," said Mike DeWine, Ohio Attorney General.

DeWine stresses that the rape case is ongoing. He said that he cannot say whether anyone else will be charged just that the investigation is not over yet.

DeWine said his office only has one objective and that is to find out what the truth is.

"When you're a prosecutor you're job is, ethically and morally not to just get convictions, your job is to find the truth and that's what we try to do," said DeWine

Many people have asked if the fact that the two are being tried as juveniles could change. DeWine says that once the judge decides they are being charged as juveniles that cannot be reversed.

DeWine also added that whether the trial is moved to another location is entirely up to the judge.

"We're doing everything we can in this investigation, it's a high priority for my office, we know how important it is that for the community to have faith in the results," said DeWine.

When it comes to stories that have developed from the case and it's investigation on social media, DeWine says there are rumors that are going around the county that are flat our wrong.

"Only two people have been charged so far and that's because that's the state of the evidence and that's what the evidence found," said DeWine.

DeWine said his job is not to try this case in social media, the real media or to respond to rumors. His office is focused on what they find and what the facts are.

DeWine said they want to "leave no stone unturned" in investigating the case.

"If there is someone who we believe has committed a crime in connection with this tragedy, I will guarantee you we will charge them, but I will also guarantee you if there is not evidence there of a crime we are not going to charge someone."

The juveniles are set to be tried on February 13.

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