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UPDATE: Authorities Investigating Trailer Park Dog Attack

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Authorities in Belmont County are investigating the cause of a dog attack that sent four people to the hospital Thursday evening. According to Belmont County Chief Deputy Bill Artrip, the dog, identified as a male boxer-pit bull mix, attacked its owner and three individuals at the Pine Lake Trailer Court.

The mother and son at the Pine Lake Trailer Court were playing with the dog they'd just gotten days earlier. They say the dog started biting them, and two adult neighbors who came to help were also bitten.

Belmont County Sheriff Dave Lucas says his deputies did exactly the right thing at this tense scene. Rather than shooting the dog, they instead subdued it by taser. They say the dog then was able to be taken away by animal control. 

The sheriff says in a small area that's densely populated, firing a gun would have been dangerous and irresponsible. Lucas says the investigation will go into more depth and he says the use of the taser, which is called less-than-lethal-force, was appropriate action to take. 

"They took care of the threat at hand, the dog, made sure the victims were treated and taken to the hospital, so we're still in the investigative stage. The prosecutor is aware of it. We're moving forward," said Lucas. "We want to find out, get the full story from all the victims, also what is the background of this dog and what has been involved to provoke this type of incident."

County Dog Shelter employees say the male boxer-pit bull mix is in quarantine for 10 days at the shelter and it may be euthanized after that.





Four people are in the hospital after a pit bull attack Thursday in Belmont County.

According to Belmont County Chief Deputy Bill Artrip, the dog attacked four individuals, including its owner, at the Pine Lake Trailer Park. When authorities arrived on scene, the animal was still attacking the individuals. Officers were forced to taser the dog in order to subdue it and prevent further harm to the victims. The animal is currently in the possession of the dog warden.

Authorities say all victims were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of their injuries. They say none of the injuries appear to be life threatening.

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