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Local Community Responds to President's Proposal

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Some people were in complete agreement with the President's proposal, across the board, but others liked some parts of it, but disagreed with other parts. 7News asked how they feel about a ban on assault rifles, a ban on high capacity magazines and a universal background check for gun buyers. 

"That's my feeling about it, that there should be some kind of a law. I think that on larger guns like that, uh, they shouldn't be made available to the public; they should be military-only. I think that handgun carrying however, like smaller guns, I think that if people get the right licensure's and stuff that they should be allowed to carry that," said Gene Ross of Woodsfield. "But as far as larger magazines, I don't believe so at all." 

"Well I think the waiting period and the background check are good," said Renno Barnes of Quaker City. "But I think the mental health issue's a lot better, a lot bigger than everybody having assault rifles, you know what I mean? That's the biggest thing. I'm not really too worried about the large magazines, more or less, it's the people who have the large magazines is my main concern." 

I don't know how he'll stop it. It's just so out of control, so out of hand," Nathan Huff of St. Clairsville said. "Like I say, I think my biggest thing is, you just pray." 

"It is what it is, I guess," Patty West of Barnesville said. "I mean, what can you do?" 

"As for guns, semi-automatic weapons, yes, you should have a background check. And as for banning the guns, no, there's no reason to ban 'em, 'cause if the government can use them, so can anybody else," said John Johnston of Tiltonsville. 

The president emphasized that we can respect the Second Amendment and the rights of gun owners, collectors and outdoorsmen, while keeping an irresponsible few from harming innocent people. 

He said in order to succeed; they'll need the support of Americans and he said 900 Americans died from gunshots in the last month alone.


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