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Local Pastors Offer Help With Healing Process

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For those still trying to cope with the negative attention surroundingSteubenville, local pastors believe the first step to healing is having an open dialogue.

"There's been so much focus on the negative and not the positive. Certainly there's something wrong and the way you address that is to do something right," said Rev. Vaughn Foster of Christ's Community Church of Steubenville.

Foster says there are two ways to deal with a problem: practical and spiritual. He says spiritual healing takes place after God hears and after God forgives.

He believes that this incident has brought well deserved attention to the need for dialogue with each other and our youth. However, some people may find it difficult to open up.

Foster says not to be afraid to make that first step and talk to someone, especially one of your local pastors.

"Know just that we are here more times than not. Pastors and priests are available and if the phone rings or someone knocks on our door, they answer that call and they'll spend time with them," he said.

Foster believes that a community prayer service with singing, prayer and preaching from local churches would help the community come together and heal faster.  

Until then, he offers these tips: parents should reach out to children or have them reach out to a religious figure and choose a time when they aren't preoccupied with video games or other activities. He believes that spirituality is one thing that will bring people together.

"For the majority, not for all, but for the majority, the one thing that we have in common is the Spirit of God. Nobody has to be out of the Will of God and so we have that in common. At least those who do, let us come together and really seek the Faith of God on where we are to go," he said.

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