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Recycling Service Issues Challenge to Local Schools

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Electronic Recycling Services, located in the south end of Bellaire, has issued an E-Waste challenge to some area schools. It's a pilot program, in which participating schools collect unwanted electronics over a three day period in April.  Each school is set to challenge one. The school that collects the most receives $650 from Electronic Recycling Services. The runner up school will get $350.00 for their efforts. 

Roger Myers is a sales rep for Electronic Recycling Services. He calls the project a win- win situation for the schools and local communities. He says anyone wishing to drop off items can deposit them to the nearest participating school.  

"The best thing to do it is to contact your school to see what three days they are going to run it then talk to whoever is in charge and drop stuff off at the school," said Myers. 

Ten high schools are participating in this year's challenge. They include Bellaire, Bridgeport, Shadyside, Barnesville, Union Local, St Clairesville, St Johns, Martins Ferry, Wheeling Central and Bishop Donahue. Students seemed excited about the challenge. 

"I think it's great that were getting all this stuff out of the landfills and getting it recycled and re-using it," said Seth Reed, a Bellaire High School student.

"I think it's going to be a great thing for our school to do," said Mallory Fischer of Bridgeport High School. "When our NHS teacher told us about it I thought that's really a great idea a lot of people are going to participate."

Students were given a tour of the facility which enabled them to see firsthand what is involved in recycling.

"It was pretty awesome I liked the hard hat that was pretty cool," Fischer said. "We got to see a lot that I didn't know went on down there. It was pretty interesting."

The contest begins April 14 and runs through April 20. 

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