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DeWine and Wheeling Attorney Push to Close Rape Trial

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The Ohio Attorney General's office and the attorney for the alleged victim in the Steubenville rape case have joined in on the request for the trial to be closed.

Wheeling attorney Bob Fitzsimmons, who represents the alleged victim in the case, filed a positioning paper Wednesday saying he joins in on the motion for closure of the proceedings along with the lawyers for both defendants. The Ohio Attorney General's office also said they feel the trial should be closed as well.

Attorney General Mike DeWine says it will be hard enough for the girl to testify without having to do so in front of the whole world.

"The reason I did it, is frankly to protect the victim, I think it's particularly difficult when it's a sexual charge and even more difficult when you have minor, in this case a 16-year-old, so what we have asked the court to do is motivated by a desire to protect this victim," he said.

A hearing is set for this Friday in Steubenville to hear requests from defense attorneys to delay the case, move it and close it to the public.

7News will be there as the judge hears from the attorneys. 

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