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Hamilton County Judge Lipps Makes Ruling on Motions

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Hamilton County Judge Thomas Lipps just made his decision on the three motions argued in court on Friday the biggest change was delaying the trial.

Judge Lipps decided to keep the trial in Steubenville and open to the public. However, he pushed back the trial date to March 13th rather than February 13th as originally scheduled. Due to the ongoing discovery of new information, Judge Lipps felt that more time was needed.

His believes that public interest in attending and reporting details of the hearings outweighs the defendant's and the victims interest in having the proceedings closed. Sheriff Fred Abdalla agrees with Judge Lipp's decision.

"I'm glad he made that decision. Like I say not only this case but any case the public has a right to know what's going on in that courtroom in this particular case affects a lot of lives on both sides. So I'm glad its going to be open to the public," says Sheriff Fred Abdalla.

Judge Lipps also  decided to keep the trial in Jefferson county because of it being a closed trial, a jury will not be rendering a verdict.

Judge Lipps denied the other motions filed by Walter Madison and one by the State. However, he did grant Madison's client the ability to have a private investigator at the State's expense.

Meantime, another Occupy Steubenville Rally will be taking place this Saturday at Noon outside of the Jefferson County Courthouse. Sheriff Abdalla believes this one will be as peaceful as the last two rallies.

"They've been peaceful. They continue to be peaceful. There isn't a problem, that's their right. I respected them when they came into the town. I appreciate that they're standing up for what they think for something that is wrong and is an injustice so you stand up and I can understand that and I appreciate that. As long as there are no problems and everything is peaceful then everything is fine," says Sheriff Abdalla.

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