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Frosty, Snowy Days Require Extra Driving Skills

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With blasts of cold snowy weather hitting the Ohio Valley, driving can be hazardous.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol had some unusual early morning calls.

Several drivers had slid off the highway and into the median strip.

So what does the Highway Patrol suggest for driving on slippery surfaces?

"Slow down," says St. Don Britton of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. "The bridges and everything are going to be frozen and a little slick. Most of the crashes we see, day in and day out but especially on snow days, are speed-related."

Every driver has his or her own strategies for winter driving.

"Other than driving very slow and being careful, I would say if you don't have to come out, don't come out," said Jessica Antill of Rayland.

"You want to keep your speed down, make sure you have good tires, and sometimes it helps to put a little weight in the trunk of your car," advises Ed Lesnick of St. Clairsville.

Fierce breezes seem to push vehicles sideways, especially high profile vehicles like trucks, vans and SUVs.

Drivers had strategies for that too.

"Just hang on tight to the wheel, and go on your way," says Lisa Lynn of St. Clairsville.

"That's it," agrees Sgt. Britton. "The bottom line is for everybody,  we tell them over and over and over again, slow down."

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