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Supporters Brave Elements for Third Occupy Steubenville Rally

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Despite freezing temperatures and the threat of snow, a number of people adorned in masks took to the streets of Steubenville and the Jefferson County Courthouse for the third Occupy Steubenville rally.

Organizers said this time, they are doing more than bringing awareness to bullying, assault, violence, and rape victims; they are celebrating the "good" people of Steubenville who say they are dealing with feelings of embarrassment and even death threats at the high school after the case went national.

WTRF Live Stream of Third Occupy Steubenville

A number of people crowded the courthouse steps to speak about recent events and opened with a moment of silence for the two victims of a shooting earlier this week in Steubenville. The first speaker specifically discussed the difficulty the community has had coming to terms with certain issues.

Members of the crowd embraced each other in handshakes and hugs to the sound of Dean Martin's "Everybody Loves Somebody."

One speaker shared her personal reaction, ways of coping and continued prayer for the victim and all victims of sexual assault. Another speaker shared a philosophical message with the crowd.

"This is an idea," he said. "The City of Steubenville, the people, the have to do something now."

The same speaker said "we do not support the harassment of children." He emphatically stated the "idea" is a peaceful movement.

Organizers also thanked those who came out despite the inclement weather.

7News reporters at the scene say about 150 to 200 people are in attendance.


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