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Third Occupy Steubenville Rally Emphasizes Unity

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The frigid temperatures didn't keep the dedicated away from Occupy Steubenville on Saturday. While the emphasis remained on justice for the victim, there was another message this time. Steubenville residents wore red and black to show pride in their city. asked protesters why it was important that they wear red and black on Saturday.

"Cause I support Steubenville, I live here, this is my town and I want to see better things here."

"We're wearing red and black today because we want to let Steubenville know that we're not totally against everybody, just the accused. We just wanted to prove that we are all a family, we are all anonymous, and we are all one."

Even Jefferson County Sheriff, Fred Abdalla got the message. He added a red scarf to his uniform for this third Occupy Steubenville rally.

"As far as community pride, people in Steubenville are proud of their city and proud of their county."

The anonymous leader of the rallies recognized that the protests have brought much negative national attention to the city and all the good people who live there.

"This has been really hard for this town,"he says. "We're here to show unity."

Overall, the focus remained on justice for the victim. Many people shared their empowering stories of overcoming assault and violence.

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