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Rally Decries "Rape Culture" in Steubenville

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Cold temperatures put a damper on attendance at this third of three rallies -- but did not deter those determined to fight what they described as a "rape culture" in Steubenville.  Julie Joseph's mom made 2,500 one-bite cupcakes for the event.

"I feel that we all need to be here to support all the victims of rape in every area," Julie said.  "And there are people here from California, Florida,  -- they're here before I am.  So what's that tell you?" she asked.

Attendance at this rally reached about 150 at its peak -- but hovered around a hundred people throughout the event.  Many wearing Guy Fawkes masks -- from a branch of the hacktivist group "Anonymous" -- felt attending the rally would demonstrate support for both the community as well as the alleged victim.

Justin Cornelius talked about his reasons for being in Steubenville on a cold Saturday afternoon.  "You see a lot of it's been on social media, and everyone's trying to reach out to somebody else.  It's just a little part that you can to help," he said.  "You know, you heard about this whole rape case and the rape victim --  you just want to see some kind of justice done." 

Organizers of a new group for survivors of sexual violence also announced their presence.  While the temperatures might prove frosty, ralliers determined to demonstrate to outsiders they have warm hearts.

"There's a lot of bad in the world, and you want to see something good every once in a while," Justin said.

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