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O-DOT Crews Work Around the Clock as Snow Continues

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As of Sunday, the snow hasn't caused too much of a headache for motorists. WTRF.com spoke to O-DOT, who is working around the clock to make sure there won't be any problems on the roadways as the snow continues to fall.

You've seen O-DOT crews treating the roadways since Saturday, and that's why roads were in such good condition Sunday. O-DOT's Belmont County Manager, Dave Schafer, says all of their routes were only wet by Sunday morning. Even the secondary routes were in excellent shape.

"We've been using a lot more liquid calcium this year," he says. "It helps in the cold weather to keep the materials on the road, and it keeps the residue at a minimum."

Schafer says when the roads are clean, it gives crews a chance to work on their equipment in the garage, in preparation for the next snowfall.

"When we get everything treated and everything is OK, then we bring all the trucks back in and do maintenance on them to get ready for tomorrow's snow."

Jim Widmor showed WTRF.com how they replace the blade of the plow when it gets worn down after six or seven uses.

"When it gets down to a certain amount, we have to put new ones on," he says. "That's what we're doing now. We check all the pins and see if everything else is worn out, then we'll turn it over and put it back on the truck."

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