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Marshall County May Soon Have Outdoor Smoking Regulations

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The clock is ticking down to the moment the Marshall County Health Department Board will decide for or against the controversial proposed outdoor smoking ban.

The meeting is set for early Friday morning.

In the meantime, members of the public have made their feelings known.

The outdoor smoking ban would not apply to the entire outdoors.

It would apply to outdoor ticket lines, parks, playgrounds, stadiums, fairs, festivals and the outdoor grounds of medical facilities like hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices.

The public comment period ended January 31.

They had urged people to write letters, and several people did respond.

"We received approximately a dozen letters," says Ronda Francis, Health Department executive director. "Some people were 100% for the proposed regulation while some were completely against it, and then again we had some right in the middle that felt that there were both pros and cons."

The board will address the issue Friday morning at their regular 7:30 a.m. monthly meeting.

Francis says they could approve or reject it, or table it for further study.

She says it will be up to the board--not up to her--to decide.

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