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A Mother Alerts School To Armed Masked Man Lurking Outside

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A mother, dropping off her child at Jefferson Elementary School in Shadyside, sees a masked man in camouflage gear, with bow hunting weapons, lurking outside the school.

She alerts the authorities and now the man is in jail.

Now the mother tells her emotional story to wtrf.com.

Misty Rivero of Shadyside was dropping off her eight-year-old daughter at Jefferson Elementary School, when she saw a sight right out of a horror movie.

"He had a camo face mask on, and he had arrows sticking out of a pack on his back, and he had a black pouch in front of him, combat boots on, and I just froze," says Rivero.

She took action and alerted the authorities.

"I called the school and then the principal called me and we kind of discussed it, police were alerted, and the were put on lockdown," she says.

The man had vanished when police got there, but by the description, they say they knew just where to find him.

They called on Bellaire and Bridgeport police, the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Belmont County Sheriff's Department for back-up.

They found 31-year-old Brent A. Missy in his home at the Village Trailer Court, with the bow-hunting equipment still in his possession.

Now he's jailed on charges of inducing panic and having weapons under a disability.

Misty Rivero says he happened to take her daughter to school early today, for a special project, and otherwise may not have seen the man.

"The fact that he acted a little aloof and guilty when he saw that I was onto whatever he was doing, I just, PJs and all, had to go make sure that he wasn't going to get into that those kids were safe and I think that's any Mom," Rivero said.

As her daughter got out of the car, this mother says he suddenly realized the horrifying possibilities.

"She said 'Bye, Mommy,' and she turned around and she kissed me and when I saw the guy, I thought that could be the last time, so I had to do something," she recalled. "I had to follow it through. So I'll her at 2:30. And so will everybody else see their kids. I'm glad he's off the street."

According to Belmont County Sheriff Dave Lucas, Brent Missy is in jail under $7,500 bond.


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