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Bellaire Schools Officials Work on Levy Campaign Plan

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The first of several weekly meetings to be held addressing campaign plans for the Bellaire School levy was held Monday.

These meetings are being held to work on ideas and projects that can help spread the word throughout the community of Bellaire of why officials, teachers, students and parents feel this levy needs to pass.

At the end of 2009 the district was deemed to be in a fiscal emergency.

In the years since then the district has put an emergency school levy on the ballot several times and it has been voted down every time.

Monday's initial meeting was held to help form committees to take charge of ideas they feel can help benefit the levy on the May ballot.

Ideas were presented from teachers, students and teachers from everything to fliers, billboards  and even going door-to-door help.

Superintendent Tony Scott says they are working towards bettering four particular areas with the 8.25-mill levy.

They are looking at improving the school buses. Scott says some of the buses in the district are older and they are in need of money to purchase newer buses.

Another thing they are focused on is getting programs back that have had to be cut over the last few years including arts, physical education and intervention programs.

They are also looking to upgrade their technology and school safety. Scott says if the levy were to pass they would have a strategic plan to bring all of these things back into the school system.

"In order for us to meet the challenges that come ahead we have to have these other pieces back in place for our schools," said Scott.

According to Scott, there is new curriculum that is coming, in regards to the common core, as part of a nationwide attempt to upgrade the current curriculum and it takes extra dollars and resources to make that happen.

"We need to be able to put some of these things back in place so our kids can be on a level playing field with all of the other kids not only in the county but across the nation and in the world," said Scott.

A meeting will be held every Monday at 6:00 p.m. at Bellaire High School in the cafeteria leading up to the May 7 election for anyone interested in helping or looking for more information.

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