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He's Alive! Returns to Wheeling March 22nd and 23rd

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He's Alive! is returning to Wheeling for the first time in eight years. On Sunday, over 200 participants in the production gathered at the First Baptist Church in Wheeling to rehearse.

They've been doing this every Sunday for the past nine weeks, and they've only got one practice left until He's Alive! hits the stage at the Capitol Theater the weekend of Palm Sunday. Laura Surface has been playing Mary Magdalene since the show first opened in 1996.

"Its just like getting back on a bike and riding it again," she says. "I had it memorized many years ago, and its just like getting back at it again."

The production is being presented, produced, and directed by Heaven Bound Ministries Incorporated. Participants come from all over the Ohio Valley; all three states in the tri-state area are represented.

Pastor Mark Smith is playing a disciple, and brought 16 members of his youth group from Scott Memorial United Methodist Church in Cadiz.

"What He's Alive! hones in on is the life, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus," he says.

Zach Easton is portraying Jesus for the first time, and says he's working to live up to the expectations of the show's followers.

"I've never portrayed Jesus before, so this is definitely a new thing for me," he says. "It's very humbling, trying to live the life of Christ, and portray his emotion, his passion, his love for people."

He's Alive! is at the Capitol Theater March 22nd and 23rd, and is free to the public.

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