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Update: Wheeling Suspension Bridge Opens

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The Wheeling Suspension Bridge is closed to traffic. The Wheeling Suspension Bridge is closed to traffic.
The Wheeling Suspension Bridge is closed to traffic as repairs are being made. The Wheeling Suspension Bridge is closed to traffic as repairs are being made.


The Wheeling Suspension Bridge re-opened at 1:30 p.m. Friday afternoon.





The Wheeling Suspension Bridge could re-open later Friday.

Brent Walker, from the West Virginia Department of Highways, says that the new cable came from a company in Steubenville called VO Co. Work began this morning and the bridge could  open as early as this evening.

Depending on the weather, if it is not open today, the bridge will be open Monday.




The broken cable is down or at least the largest part of it. Bridge Engineer Dave Sada said one part remains attached to the top of the tower.

"If it is compressed in there or tangled up with the other stay cables, we'll try to get a winch on it and a come-along and maybe use a crane to help us take it out," he said.

So where do you buy replacement cable for a 164-year-old bridge? The West Virginia Division of Highways investigated and found the answer surprisingly nearby.

"There's a place in Steubenville and they said they can get it in between four and five days," said Sada.

Meanwhile, at the Island Coffee Shop, they are feeling the effects of the bridge being closed.

"Absolutely. It's been very, very quiet all this week," said manager Mickey Rowan.

Island residents who walk across the bridge to work downtown said they are seriously inconvenienced.

"Well I use the bridge every day to walk to work and I live right down the street from here, and it's more convenient to walk across that bridge because frankly I don't like walking on the highway," said Michelle Ganeles. "It's a little scary and then it's extra out of the way."

At the Bow Wow Boutique, they said it is business as usual. Pet owners still bring their dogs for grooming, but one employee says she depended on the bridge.

"It is kind of a pain to me but I'm from the Island, you deal with it," said Robyn Nucci."

They all have a message for the people working on the bridge.

"Yes hurry up, get it fixed," said Rowan.






Work is under way on the Wheeling Suspension Bridge as of Friday morning.

Workers tackled the first part of the project early Friday morning, removing the broken stay cable.

The largest part of that cable is down, but one portion still remains, attached to the top of the northeast tower.

Crews hope it is not compressed and will come out easily. If it is, it will just take a little extra work to remove.


Highway projects in the Northern Panhandle have been placed on hold while all attention is focused on repairing the Wheeling Suspension Bridge.

Officials say the historic span normally has a traffic count of 6,000 vehicles a day, and every day the bridge is out of commission is a hardship for local drivers.

Department of Highways officials are hoping they can fix the broken stay cable with their own employees.

If all goes well, they say the repairs may take only about three days.

They say they're challenged with getting into place to do the work because of the two-ton weight limit.

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