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Congressman McKinley Hopes for Talks in D.C.

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House Speaker John Boehner says that President Obama's recent outreach to congressional Republicans is a "hopeful sign" that progress could be made in breaking the stalemate over how to reduce the federal deficit.  

President Obama had dinner Wednesday with about a dozen GOP senators, and on Thursday was having lunch with the top House budget writers, including Republican Paul Ryan.  

West Virginia's junior congressman, David McKinley feels that President Obama may finally be hearing the message

"It's a concession on his part that perhaps it's time to start talking to people, rather then shouting at them and using it as campaign fodder... So if Paul Ryan is going over there today, good for him! And lets see if we can have some dialog between two of them", said McKinley.

McKinley added that President Obama is scheduled to speak to the GOP caucus next week, the first time for the Obama Administration.  McKinley feels that when you talk to each other, it can improve the outcome.

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