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New Policies in Effect After Dog Shelter Allegations

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Concerns raised by actions at a local animal shelter have caused commissioners to launch an investigation.

Jefferson County Commissioners met with dog warden William Bell and Humane Society's Sally Wehr in an executive session Thursday to discuss allegations that have been made on social media.

"There's always two sides to every story. But we want to get to the truth. We will get to the truth. The allegations are serious so we are hoping they aren't true but if they are there will be consequences," said Commissioner Dr. Thomas Graham.

Those allegations include concerns about the number of dogs euthanized and abuse of dogs at the shelter.

The documents that Bell presented show the dogs that have come in to the shelter in 2013. 14 of those dogs were euthanized due to sickness or aggressiveness.

The Commissioners and Wehr decided to expand on some policies already in effect.

"We are going to put some things into effect, effective immediately. In order to put an animal down or euthanize an animal, it's going to require more than one person. It'll require two signatures," said Wehr.

Wehr adds that the shelter has rescued 168 dogs from June until December.

Bell would like to see the county work with the shelter or for the county to bring in a shelter director so operations run smoothly.

He feels that he and his coworkers are being spread thin and adding someone else would eleviate the stress he's feeling.

"There will be other policies and changes that will be made in the future here, too. This is just the beginning," says Dr. Graham.

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