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Yorkville Residents Grieving After Murder of Native Son

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A Yorkville man was shot to death in Norfolk, Virginia, where he was stationed in the Navy, getting ready to be deployed.

22-year-old Kristopher Klubert's father is the Yorkville fire chief, and his mother is a Yorkville Council member.

Klubert was reportedly killed at an apartment complex near the Navy base.

In his hometown of Yorkville, he had been a firefighter and a police officer before he decided to go into the Navy.

A black flag now hangs on the front of the fire department, symbolizing their fallen comrade.

American flags in town are flying at half staff.

As they learn of Klubert's murder, people in town are sad, baffled and outraged.

"He was friends with my son and it's tragic what happened, and it's senseless," said Beth Scales of Rayland. "He was serving our country and to be killed in such a manner is horrible."

"He was happy-go-lucky," recalled Howard "Babe" Billingsley, a second cousin of Klubert. "If you needed help, he would be there to help you."

"Kris was a very likeable individual," said Chief John Morelli of the Yorkville Police Department. "He always had a smile on his face. He was very personable, well-liked. You know, it's pretty devastating to the family, actually to the whole community."

"I feel sorry for the members of the young man's family, and for the Yorkville Fire and Police departments where he was a member," said Oma "Buster" Summers of Yorkville.

Chief Morelli said at first, it was reported as an accidental discharge of a firearm.

Soon afterward, however, police in Norfolk arrested Klubert's friend, 22-year-old Austin Greening, charging him with the murder.

"There's not too much information out yet as far as what the motive was and the circumstances involved," said Chief Morelli. "At this time, I've got a call in to the Norfolk Police Department and I'm waiting to receive a call to get a little bit more information."

They say Klubert, a gunner's mate, was to be deployed on Sunday.

He was killed Saturday at the Pinewood Garden Apartments in Norfolk.

"We didn't just lose a family member, we lost confidence in mankind because of this," said Billingsley.

Officials say Klubert's body will be brought back to Yorkville for the funeral.


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