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Jamboree Boy Scouts must meet weight requirement

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The Boy Scout Jamboree is just around the corner and scouts wanting to participate may want to think twice about their eating habits.

The National Scout Jamboree announced there will be a weight requirement for all Boy Scouts taking part.

The decision will be based on their Body Mass Index.

Some said they do not completely agree with the group's decision.

Jon White of Oak Hill said, "If they're overweight what are you telling them that they don't deserve a chance at anything? You are going to discourage and belittle them it's not fair."

Willogene Brown of Oak Hill said, "I don't think it's fair I think every boy should have a chance regardless of their size or weight."

But directors with the Jamboree said one reason is the location.

It's being held at the National Scout Reserve in Fayette and Raleigh Counties this July and will feature high-adventure sports like zip lining, biking, and swimming.

And there will be no busses or other forms of transportation on site, the boys must walk everywhere at The Summit.

Some said the standards could be a useful way to get boys to shed a few extra pounds.

Ernest Treadway said, "If it were my kid I would use it as a tool and say if you lose a little weight you could participate in this function."

Brown said, "I still think that it could get the boys in shape that are not in shape I think it could really help them out."

White said, "In a sense it could be encouraging to kids that aren't qualified to meet the requirements to be able to come."

But overall, people said they wish every scout could in some way be involved.

Treadway said, "Hopefully they will come up with a system so that all the kids can do something, at least be there."

If a scout's BMI is 31.9 or less, the participant is generally allowed.

Once it hits 32 things are on the fence.

From 32 to 39.9 the application will be reviewed by health care professionals before a decision is made.

A BMI above 40 is definitely ineligible.

To get an idea, a scout that is 5'9" would have to weigh 270 pounds to have a BMI of 40.

The deadline to apply is approaching... scouts must have their forms sent in by April 14.

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