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Armed Bank Robber Still On The Run With Bag Of Money

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Authorities are looking for an armed masked man who held up the Bridgeport Citizens Bank.

Police, sheriff's deputies and highway patrol troopers are all on the case, looking for the man who succeeded in cleaning out all the tellers' cash drawers then taking off undetected.

A slender white man in a dark clothing entered Citizens Bank at 9:30 a.m., holding a long gun believed to be a rifle.

Authorities say he immediately took charge.

"He came into the bank and ordered everyone to the ground," said Chief Andy Klotz of Bridgeport Police. "He then proceeded to go behind the teller area and had one of the male tellers get up and start loading money from his drawer into his (the robber's) bag. At that point, they went down through the teller line and loaded most of the drawers into his bag."

A few minutes before that, Bridgeport Schools evacuated their buildings and dismissed school, after getting a threat by phone.

Officials believe it's no coincidence that while law enforcement was kept busy at the school, the bank was being robbed on the other side of the community.

"They knew the police and state patrol would end up here at the school," said Ted Downing, superintendent of Bridgeport Schools. "Nobody would be left downtown there. I don't think this was a coincidence."

"We are looking into it to see if we can relate the two matters," said Chief Klotz.

They say the robber was a white male, five feet ten inches tall, wearing a dark hoodie and a black leather jacket and black shoes.

A man matching that description was spotted soon afterward on Howard Street.

Police rushed the male teller to the spot, hoping to get an on-site identification.

But the teller said that wasn't the robber.

Police say they may actually know the robber's name.

"We have a couple of names," said the chief. "They're just leads at this point."

Word traveled quickly, and people in Bridgeport have some theories about the bank robbery and the school threat.

"I don't know what's wrong with people today, that they would want to do something like that," said Jim Pellen.

"I think when they catch them, they ought to just shoot them and save the court costs," said George Knuth.

Police say the robber took off on foot toward the Ohio River, and probably got into a waiting vehicle.

They say there is surveillance video that's still being enhanced.

Anyone with information is urged to call 911.

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