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Testimony Set to Begin Two Weeks After Grand Jury Convenes in Steubenville Case

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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine sits down with Kelsey Kennedy to discuss grand jury Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine sits down with Kelsey Kennedy to discuss grand jury
Columbus, Ohio -


Ohio Attorney General spokesman Dan Tierney tells wtrf.com that once the Grand Jury convenes on Monday, it will be two weeks before testimony will likely begin.

Tierney says the time is neccesary as the state puts together its case and goes over evidence.




Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said he felt obligated to the community of Steubenville and Jefferson County to convene a grand jury in this case. Grand jury selection begins on Monday.

It was toward the end of the investigation that the decision was made and the announcement that a grand jury will be convened on Monday, April 15 came just after Malik Richmond and Trent Mays were found delinquent. DeWine said the community deserves to know the truth to get some closure.

The world will be watching Steubenville once again following a case that DeWine said is like nothing he's ever seen before, because of the way it was tried in the social media and then in the court system.

The grand jury process is secretive to protect the innocent. It is only at the very end, once a decision is reached, that information will be made public. DeWine said many different outcomes are possible.

DeWine said a juvenile can not be indicted by the grand jury, but if they find probable cause his office will have to file charges in juvenile court. DeWine stressed that if the evidence simply doesn't call for any further action, none will be taken.

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