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Authorities Investigating Third Local Instance of Animal Hoarding

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Authorities are looking into the third instance of animal hoarding in less than three months in the Ohio Valley, the most recent in Marshall County.

In the first case, a woman was accused of hoarding hundreds of animals, including dogs, cats, chickens and horses. Then, a husband and wife were accused of keeping five dogs and 36 cats in crates. The most recent case is another woman who allegedly had 22 Chihuahuas plus other large breeds.

The director of the Marshall County Animal Shelter says irresponsible breeders are over-breeding their animals, then giving the excess to anyone who wants them, without checking them out.

"They're not sure who they're giving them to. You know obviously some of the breeders that I've talked to that this person got some of these dogs from had no idea they were living in the conditions they were," said Marshall County Shelter Director, Cindy Brautigan. "You know I spoke to a woman this morning who was crying her eyes out saying she had no idea that her little dog was living in these conditions."

Brautigan said people need to report animal neglect and abuse. She said if you know about a situation of animal hoarding, neglect or abuse, you are no better than the person who is doing it.

Her advice is to call the authorities and let the animals have a chance at a better life.

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