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Finding A Family: Kristin's Story

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Morgantown, WV -

She writes poetry and loves language arts, but Kristin, 14, summarizes herself in four words: "I like vampire books!"

Any kind of vampire book will do, and she's a good reader, too.

"How long does it take you to read a book like that?" I asked her. "An hour or two."

Kristin could spend all her time engrossed in a good book, but she does have other hobbies.

"I like to watch TV and play board games with my friends," she said.

And what she'd love more than anything, is to find a family to be with, especially a strong mother figure.

"I want the kind of mom that'll laugh at jokes with me, and know just from looks what I'm thinking," she said.

Kristin may be a young teenager, but she's smarter than you'd think, and very well spoken. "By the time I was 3 I could write a full sentence, and it was legible!"

She wants to use her talents and personal situation to help others. "When I grow up I want to be either a therapist or a childcare worker, because I can understand the situations better than most people."

Kristin has ideas of what she'd love to do with a family. "I would want to go out to the movies occasionally and go on shopping trips and vacations and just have family time."

And above all, she said finding a family would make her feel complete. "If I found a family, I would, cause I've never really known happiness, so I could understand what it feels like."

If you would like to adopt Kristin, or any other child in the Mountain State, call Mission West Virginia at 866-CALL MWV. Or you can send an email to

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